interView with Priestess Beatriz Schulthess on Indigenous Peoples and the Environment, By Frank Frederick

Posted on November 9th, 2009 | Filed under Best Practices/Non-Profit, Faith and Politics, InterViews, IR News and Events, Video

Priestess Beatriz Schulthess is the President of the Indigenous Peoples Ancestral Spiritual Council and Co-President of Religions for Peace. She is a part of the Kolla Nation, an indigenous group that struggles to maintain their centuries old environmentally-sustaining way of life in Northern Argentina against developers, mining corporations, and agri-business. These are her insights on environmental challenges facing Indigenous peoples around the world, and particularly in South America.

As part of its "Protecting the Earth" initiativeĀ and efforts to combat global warming, Religions for Peace has partnered with the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue to produce a series of interViews with its co-presidents.

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