IR News: Conference and Publications

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IR News: Conference and Publications

This summer, several organizations will be hosting inter-religious conferences or publishing articles on inter-religious studies. The following is a set of news briefs describing these opportunities. If you would like to submit a press release for an upcoming event, publication, or activity related to inter-religious work or research, kindly contact the journal.



Upcoming Conference

North American Interfaith Network's Connect 2009 Conference

Many interfaith organizations provide interfaith education to the general public, and many educational institutions have developed advanced multifaith programs. NAINConnect09 will bring together representatives of these two environments to inform each other to share stories, ideas and strategies for interfaith education so that we can all become more effective.


Calls for Submissions

The Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue

Conceptualizing gender, sexuality, and the body has challenged theologians and religious leaders for millennia. The Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue™ hopes to broaden the scope of discourse through an issue dedicated to these topics, which all too often are left out of inter-religious dialogue and work for the common good.

Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations

The editors of Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations invite submissions for Volume 5 (2010) that address this issue from any pertinent disciplinary perspective, including psychology, sociology, and anthropology, as well as history, theology, philosophy, and education.

From this perspective, how do we understand such topics as: the “partings of the ways,” the traditions of and possibilities for how we teach and preach about each other, attitudes to mission and conversion, multiple religious belonging, or identity defined as simultaneously Jewish and Christian? What is the contribution of “fences” to “neighborliness”? Do we need fences, and if so, how high or impermeable should they be?

Tikkun Magazine's Writing Contest

Now is your chance to publish an article in Tikkun, a national magazine that covers issues of politics, spirituality, and culture. We are currently seeking submissions from people under 25 years old for publication in our special issue on young adults' spirituality and activism, which is set to hit bookstore shelves this September. To enter the contest, you must submit your article by June 15, 2009, using our online submissions system ( All submissions should be between 700 and 1,000 words. The very best entries will be published in the magazine and on our website, and the authors of the top twenty articles will receive free, one-year subscriptions to Tikkun.

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