Issue 3 of the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue

Posted on March 21st, 2010 | Filed under InterViews


Dear Readers,

The field of inter-religious studies continues to burgeon. It is taking root as a subspecialty within a variety of fields of study, from sociology to history, religion and linguistics and even emerging as a discipline in its own right.

In an era of unprecedented religious pluralism, analysis of the intersections and interactions between and within religious traditions and subgroups has brought forth innovative scholarship that at times challenges the notions of identity, belief, and the expressions thereof. In spite of these challenges, it is remarkable how deeply rooted much of this scholarship remains within the traditions of its respective authors. In learning about the ‘other,’ it would seem, scholars and practitioners have gained a keener knowledge of their own beliefs.

This issue of the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue brings to the fore articles from a wide array of academic specialties and topics – often representative of the interdisciplinary field of which they are a part. We hope that they pique your interest and prompt a response, whether online or in print.

With warm regards,

Stephanie Varnon-Hughes and Joshua Zaslow Stanton,


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