Journal is Featured at the United Nations, Methodist Theological School, and Interfaith Association

Posted on November 17th, 2009 | Filed under Best Practices/Non-Profit, Faith and Politics, InterViews

In the past week, the Journal has been featured in several speaking engagements, including the Dean's Convocation at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio and a gathering of the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio. Then, on Friday, co-Editor Josh Stanton delivered a speech at the United Nations to the Tripartite Interfaith Forum. Here is a transcript of his remarks:

Esteemed Colleagues:

Inter-religious collaboration is now a reality, thanks to initiatives such as the Tripartite Forum. The challenge now is to make these interactions between people of faith more frequent and more meaningful.

The Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue, of which I am proud to be an editor, uses the Internet to achieve both. By bringing together scholars, clergy, and non-profit and civic leaders, it produces an online publication that is accessible to anyone in the world. Its website can be reached free of charge, and its forums sustain dialogue between people of all different traditions.

As an online forum, we help ensure that dialogue continues after conferences such as this are done; we ensure that religious communities have representation online; that representatives have names; that names have faces; and that all have respect and the chance to learn together.

So while we work for the common good today, let us remember that new technologies, particularly on the Internet, can enable us reach billions of people around the world and ensure that they too can share in the learning; that they too can collaborate with us; that they too can make peace.

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