“Religion as a Force of Peace”: Special Issue of JIRD

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In Face of Conflict: Religion as a Force of Peace

Guest Edited by Dr. William F. Vendley, Secretary General of Religions for Peace

Table of Contents

Bury the Bloody Hatchet: Secularism, Islam, and Reconciliation in Afghanistan,” by Dr. Eric Patterson

A Fatwa against Yoga: Mitigating Conflict in the Face of Increasing Fundamentalism in Indonesia,” by Dr. Martin Ramstedt

Until the Violence Stops: Faith, Sexual Violence, and Peace in the Congo,” by Ms. Kayla Parker and Ms. Amanda Winters

Inter-Religious Dialogue as a Method of Peace-Building in Israel and Palestine,” by Rabbi Dr. Ronald Kronish

Going beyond the Rhetoric: The Muslim Aid/UMCOR Partnership in Sri Lanka,” by Dr. Amjad Saleem

Fear Beyond Fright: Jewish Responses to Tragedy,” by Mr. Joshua M. Z. Stanton

Response to Fear in the Muslim Tradition,” by Hafsa Kanjwal

"Raimon Panikkar, John Hick, and a Pluralist Theology of Religions,” by Madhuri M. Yadlapati

Call for Submissions, Issue  7

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