“Buddhist-Muslim Dialogue in Ladakh, 2010,” By Maria Reis Habito

A Buddhist Muslim dialogue on the topic “Addressing Violence: Religious Resources for Conflict Resolution” was held at the Mahabodhi International Meditation Center (MIMC) in Leh/Ladakh, India from June 28-30, 2010.  This dialogue was the twelfth in a series of dialogues organized by the Global Family for Love and Peace and the Museum of World Religions, this time in collaboration with the Mahabodhi Center and its founder, the Venerable Sanghasena Mahathera. The series was initiated soon after 9/11 by Dharma Master Hsin Tao, founder and abbot of the Wu-sheng Monastery and founder of the Museum of World Religions in Taiwan.  The dialogues seek new perspectives of Buddhist and Muslim co-operation in facing the challenges brought on by political, religious, economic and ecological crises of the twenty-first century.

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