Faith Rising: Multi-Faith Millennial Voices on the Climate Crisis, By Lotifa Begum, Allen Ottaro, Nimai Lila Das, Rabbi Yonatan Neril, and Mélisande Schifter

In June 2015, GreenFaith held the Emerging Leaders Multi-Faith Climate Convergence (the Convergence) in Rome, a gathering of 110 Millennial generation leaders from multiple faiths and more than 30 countries. The Convergence began on June 28 with a dramatic march by several thousand people of diverse faiths as well as environmentalists into St. Peter’s Square, to thank Pope Francis for his encyclical Laudato Si’. It continued with a three-day series of workshops and trainings at which these young faith leaders shared their passions and concerns with each other, built relationships, and developed climate action plans which they would proceed to implement in their home countries. Convergence participants developed the hashtag #faithrising and launched an active on-line community of mutual encouragement that continues to this day. To lift up the voices and perspectives of this new generation of multi-faith leaders under age 35, we invited several of them from different countries to share their perspective on the intersection of faith and the climate crisis, bringing their generational identity to bear.

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