Fé no Clima: Faith Communities and Climate Change, By Denise Pini Rosalem da Fonseca, Maria Rita Villela, and Alice Amorim Vogas

This article describes and discusses “Fé no clima: Comunidades religiosas e mudanças climáticas,” an May-September 2015 initiative in Rio de Janeiro. This initiative was organized by a well-established Brazilian NGO, Instituto de Estudos da Religião (ISER), with a history of work on religious diversity and human rights, and Gestão de Interesse Público (GIP), an organization that helps civil society organizations which work on climate change and development projects. Because the religious segment has a substantial influence on the Brazilian government and on everyday life and political ethics, Fé no Clima was created with a strategy of mapping the ongoing climate change debate within this segment and fostering religious engagement with climate issues. It attempted to provide positive answers to challenges articulated in previous ISER initiatives, and established a baseline from which to create a new consensus-based ecological consciousness and support related advocacy within faith communities.

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