How Important Is Religion in Interreligious Relationships? Interreligious Space-Sharing as a Case Study, by Paul D. Numrich

This article identifies both religious and nonreligious factors in interreligious space-sharing as a case study of interreligious relationships generally. Analytical insights from social exchange theory are applied to two longstanding space-sharing arrangements, Genesis of Ann Arbor (Michigan) and the interfaith centers in Columbia, Maryland. Recognizing that all interreligious relationships contain a mix of religious and nonreligious factors helps to avoid disillusionment or frustration when the nonreligious factors come to light and offers both participants and scholars a deeper and more nuanced understanding of interreligious dynamics.

Keywords: interreligious, interfaith, religion, space-sharing, Genesis of Ann Arbor, Columbia, Maryland, new towns, planned communities, social exchange theory

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