Issue 5, Part 2: Winter 2011

Issue 5, Part II: Winter, 2011

These articles continue the writing we shared in Part II of our Winter 2010 Issue, rounding out another fine and substantial offering.

As we write this, friends in the Middle East continue to engage in urgent and world-changing conversation—conversation linked by Twitter, Facebook, traditional media, and one-on-one relationships in large-scale protests.

From its very inception, the JIRD has sought to be a free, online resource, and we are inspired by the immediacy and connectedness we see around the world to take part in the spirit of this work. A major part of our mission includes listening, listening to the voices, experiences, travails, and expertise of another’s lived experiences. We thank the writers of the Winter Issue for helping us further that mission, and welcome your comments and submissions now and in the future.

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