“Starting the Conversation”

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"Starting the Conversation"

4 Responses to ““Starting the Conversation””

  1. Editor says:

    Reactions and suggestions for future issues are welcome!

  2. John Calvin Wagner says:

    I do not have Windows Office. Is it possible todownload the articles as a pdf document ?

    • Editor says:

      Yes. All articles are available via PDF file. Thanks so much for your question!

      All the best,

      The Editorial Team

  3. Robert Williams says:

    Hi, I noticed that Greg Martin, from the SGI-USA is on the Board of Scholars and Practitioners. I also am a member of the SGI. I live in Hong Kong and we publish a monthly magazine in English called Harmony. I would like to use your image “Starting the Conversation” for our issue on Interfaith Dialogue. If allowed, can you send it to me in High Resolution.


    Robert “Skip” Williams

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