“Muslims, Modernity, and the Prospects of Christian-Muslim Dialogue,” by Robert Hunt

This paper seeks to understand contemporary Islam in such a way as to suggest new approaches to Christian-Muslim dialogue. However, the general approach it offers is equally useful in the pursuit of other forms of engagement with Muslims and the Muslim community. It is the thesis of this paper that understanding Muslim (and Christian) identity in terms of narrative will provide a more illuminating and fruitful basis for engaging in interfaith dialogue, or at least a better understanding of those with whom we as Christians are in dialogue. A focus on Muslim narratives will also provide an alternative taxonomy of Islamic movements in the hope that this will provide indications of how future dialogue most usefully can be pursued.

2 Responses to ““Muslims, Modernity, and the Prospects of Christian-Muslim Dialogue,” by Robert Hunt”

  1. Arsh-i-Azim says:

    It is difficult to receive the education in terms of the humanistic background of Islam, which some of you might wish to receive, but I want to remind you that our Tariqah (path) of Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims is not only exoteric, it is also esoteric.

    That means that each individual who practices our faith can, through his own initiative, his own search, seek for happiness.

    You do not have to be in a congregation to practice our faith. Practicing of our faith means taking those occasions that you have in your life, to remind yourself of the existence of Allah, to remember Him.

    Because only your soul is eternal, your body is very far from eternal.

  2. […] Muslims, Modernity, and the Prospects of Christian-Muslim Dialogue August 25, 2011By Robert Hunt, Inter-religious Dialogue, Aug.15, irdialogue.org/journal/muslims-modernity-and-the-prospects-of-christian-muslim-dialogue-by-robert-hu… […]

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