“Prophetic Courage and the Will of God: Comparative Ethics Through the Writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Nishida Kitaro,” by Brendan R. Ozawa-de Silva

This article focuses on two concepts, each charged with a distinct ethical valence and ambiguity, namely “courage” and “the will of God,” and approaches them from a comparative perspective. A discussion of either concept by itself could involve the interplay between the philosophical, ethical, mystical, and religious; here, I bring them together in the hope that each may shed light on the other, focusing especially on their conjuncture in what I call “prophetic courage.” There are many ways in which the word courage is used, and in some of them, a courageous act can at the same time be called an unethical act. When we speak of truly great courage, however, we tend to associate it with the ethical and the good. Here I will be concentrating on prophetic courage as a type of great courage, and hence one that is profoundly connected to the question of the ethical.

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