Reflections on the History of the Journal of Inter-Religious Studies: A Conversation, with Sue Fendrick, Celene Ibrahim, Jennifer Peace, Or Rose, Josh Stanton, and Stephanie Varnon-Hughes

JIRS Founding Editors and Co-Publishers reflect on the Journal’s origins and development, its relationship to both institutional homes and partners, its evolving mission and vision, and the field of interreligious studies including the language used to speak about that field. Of note are discussions of the paucity, just a decade ago, of publications in interreligious studies, the role of young scholars and activists in the Journal’s origins and of partnerships across faith/religious traditions in the Journal’s history, the terms “interreligious” and “interfaith,” the desire for an academic journal that can nevertheless be accessible to and reflect the voices of practitioners and activists, the language of “dialogue” vs. “studies,” and expanding the range of voices in the Journal.

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