Teaching Torah and Testament: On the Pedagogy of Sacred Texts in the Liberal Arts Curriculum, by Michael Dobkowski and Richard Salter

This article provides reflections and analysis on the pedagogical benefits and challenges of co-teaching “Torah and Testament,” a sacred texts course that focuses on the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bible and is taught by a specialist in Judaism and a specialist in Christianity. We recommend this model as an alternative pedagogical approach that structures difference and dialogue into approaches to reading sacred texts. In this model of teaching, the varieties of reading and interpreting, informed by the respective traditions, illuminate one another, posing questions to one another and challenging one another, thereby providing students with alternatives that would not otherwise be present. As a secondary benefit, the course contributes to interreligious dialogue and understanding.

Keywords:co-teaching, dialogical teaching, exegesis, hermeneutical stance, interreligious dialogue, midrashic, pedagogy of sacred texts

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