The Mason Jar Mentality: Conservative Protestantism & Interfaith Cooperation in the American South, by Terry Shoemaker with James Marcus Hughes, Farrin Marlow, Megan Maddern, and Emily Potter

In the summer of 2013, one of the researchers on this project, Terry Shoemaker, worked with Harvard’s Pluralism Project to document religious pluralism and interfaith activities in the city of Bowling Green, Kentucky. By the end of the research project, a unique level (for the South Central Kentucky region) of religious diversity was apparent including Jewish, Buddhist, and Muslim faith communities. In a region dominated by myriad versions of Christianity, the city has been diversifying religiously since the 1990s. The diversification is fueled by the resettlement of refugees into the area including Bosnian, Burmese, Burundi, and Iraqi immigrants. Yet, even with the presence of religious diversity, very little, if any, formal interfaith dialogue and cooperation was discovered.

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