“Thinking about Difference Differently:” Boundaries of Jewish Peoplehood, A Response by Nancy Fuchs Kreimer to Jerusha Lamptey

For Lamptey, academic questions are also questions that matter to our communities—or should. This paper lifts up Lamptey’s core insight: the value of bringing together the conversation about gender difference with the one about religious plurality. It argues that two theoretical issues Lamptey explores—hierarchy and boundaries—have real life implications for Jews, connecting to some of the most hotly debated topics in the Jewish world today. In the early work of Judith Plaskow on hierarchy (both gender and religious) and in recent works by Shaul Magid and Noam Pianko on boundaries (related to Jewish peoplehood), we see how Lamptey’s thinking can help us to navigate this new territory in helpful ways. The conversation has important implications for how we understand interreligious engagement in the 21st century.

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