“How to Train a Teacher of Spiritual and Moral Education,” By A. Y. Grigorenko

The future of any nation depends on how the younger generation learns and keeps spiritual and moral values and traditions. For modern Russia, which is going through a complicated phase in its development, this is all the more true. Nowadays, Russian society, and especially the younger generation, is still in a deep spiritual and moral crisis. The age of the initial use of drugs is declining, from 18 to 14 years of age on average. Our country has one of the world’s highest suicide rates among adolescents, number of abortions among girls under 19 years of age, and among the highest the levels of consumption of drugs and alcohol. As is clear from opinion polls, about 55% of young people have expressed willingness to violate perceived moral norms in order to achieve personal success[1]. In short, there is a moral crisis taking place, as manifested through these phenomena.

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