The Journal of Interreligious Studies is a forum for academic, social, and timely issues affecting religious communities around the world. It is a peer-reviewed publication dedicated to innovative research on and study of the interactions that take place within and between religious communities. Published online, it is designed to increase both the quality and frequency of interchanges between religious groups and their leaders and scholars. By fostering conversation, the JIRS hopes to increase religious literacy, contribute to the field of interreligious hermeneutics, and address the issues surrounding interreligious relations, dialogue, theology, and communication. The JIRS solicits articles of an interdisciplinary nature and with the aim of producing resources for interreligious education, pedagogy, theology and cooperation. It remains an open-access journal and is also indexed in the ATLA Religion Database.

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The Art of Interfaith: A Festschrift in Honor of Lucinda Mosher on Interreligious Engagement and the Arts


We are pleased to announce a CFP for a Festschrift in Honor of Lucinda Mosher on Interreligious Engagement and the Arts (full CFP).

Dr. Lucinda Mosher is a Faculty Associate at Hartford International University for Religion and Peace. She is well known for her expertise and experience in interfaith/interreligious studies, multifaith chaplaincy, comparative theology, and Muslim-Christian relations. Additionally, she is an accomplished musician and her workshops and lectures in the US and abroad often combine her expertise in interreligious understanding with her training in theology and the arts. She is an organist and the musical director at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Green Cove Springs, FL.

To honor Dr. Mosher, the journal is seeking articles on the theme of interreligious/interfaith engagement and the arts, including interreligious, intercultural, and comparative theology and the arts. Arts is defined broadly to include sonic, visual, and performance arts: painting, calligraphy, iconography, sculpture, literature, architecture, cinema, music, theater, and more. The full CFP is downloadable here. Please, circulate widely.

No 36 (2022): Interfaith and Interreligious Pedagogies: Assessment and Responses to Classroom Strategies

Issue 36 is a series of responses to the extensively researched article by Katherine Janiec Jones and Cassie Meyer, "Interfaith and Interreligious Pedagogies: An Assessment." The editor-in-chief frames the issue in the first essay, which is followed by the main article. Afterward, nine scholars constructively and critically respond. We are grateful to Interfaith America for their generous support in making this issue possible. The issue closes with four book reviews.

Published: 2022-05-23

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